OTEIC appeared in 1966, and is currently one of the eldest national Consultancy Firms.

It grew up in the scope of Industrial Company Management, and started to open up in projects regarding:

  • Assessment of performance levels, especially in Production Systems.
  • Optimisation of Industrial Processes.
  • Organisation of Work Methods at Industrial Plants.
  • Design and Optimisation of Production Plants.
  • Cost Improvement Studies.
  • . Recruitment and Incorporation of Persons and Assessment Systems for Posts, Motivation...
  • ...

All in all, we started off working in production processes. Obviously it is one of the sides of the "business polyhedron " and from then onwards we have developed projects in other organisation areas, both Private and Public, and both in the Industrial and in the Service Sector:

By order of development, the next project models were the following:

  • Organisational Structure Optimisation.
  • Strategic Planning and Innovation Projects.
  • Projects related with Alliances, Mergers, Sales and Purchases of Companies
  • Quality and Environment Projects.
  • Legal Advice.

We are currently developing our own methodologies and projects in all Organisation areas. All in all, our history is closely related to organisational or management improvement projects and companies, which have allowed us to preserve the main corporate purpose of the organisations: THEIR CONTINUITY AND THE CREATION OF VALUE.